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Profiles in Online Learning: Patrick Lelek

online learning - hippydog

What's your name? 

Patrick "hippydog" Lelek

How old are you?

49 years old

Where are you from?

Griffith Indiana, originally from Gary Indiana

How many years have you been playing?

Playing since I was a pre teen, so at least 40 years... off and on.

Do you play any other instruments?

I dont play any other instruments.

online learning - video exchange by hippydog

Why did you choose to learn guitar?

I love guitar music... I watched The Monkeys on TV had to have a guitar.

What drives you to keep playing guitar? Why do you love it?

My dad brought home a $20 guitar and amp (can you imagine $20 guitars back then...) All I had to do to earn it was learn "You Cheating Heart" by Hank Williams SR.  After I figured out that song I was hooked.

Who inspired you to learn guitar? Who are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest influence for years was Jimmy Page. Then because of love of classical music i got into neoclassical...which led to Mike Varney's article on Paul Gilbert [Guitar Player, 1983]. 

What drove you to seek out our online guitar lessons with Paul Gilbert and Martin Taylor?

I received an email from somewhere warning "don't miss out on Paul's school".  I checked it out and made the leap Aug 2012. I actually heard of Martin through Paul in his forums.... I checked out Martin and his youtube links....and then some students from the rock guitar school who also are in Martin's school. So again, I made the leap and signed up for his fingerstyle guitar lessons...

online learning with Paul Gilbert

What's your favorite part of learning online with ArtistWorks?

My favorite part of the school has to be the VE'S [Video Exchanges].  Watching other guitar students at the same level as me and seeing what advice the teacher gives to each individual is uncanny, and definitely invaluable. How many "chicka " VEs can you have....Paul seems to find a different variation and advice for each crazy is that? I also like how my fellow students give advice and help with questions. I don't need to bother Paul with every detail, and getting someone else's input is great...

Have you done any Video Exchanges yet?

I have done VEs , it took me a while because I thought I was getting the info I needed from Paul's guitar lessons and the other student's VEs... But once I submitted my own video it felt more personal... and the answer to my playing issues were given by Paul himself - not my interpretation of his advice for another student..

Watch Paul's Free Guitar Lessons

What has surprised you most about ArtistWorks once you became a member?

I'm impressed with all the effort AW has put into the site and fixing issues.. Response is typically fast for me..I appreciate the customer support because I feel they actually care. 

What would you tell another guitar player about online guitar lessons with ArtistWorks?

I have recommended the site to many people.  I dont know if they have joined, I hope some have... It's sometimes hard for people to "pull the trigger" but I believe this to be the best site out there for guitar players looking for guitar lessons.  Saying that, it must be very good for other instruments as well.

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