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Skratch Training Speed Booster by DJ Grotask

infamous toadman speed booster

The idea for this came in two parts. The first is that I am also an MC and love to kick freestyles over instrumental beats, and the second is the Speed Booster at QSU [Located in the Training Dojo area of the Lessons, the Infamous Toadman plays a beat from Qbert's SP-1200 and increases the tempo by 1 BPM every 4 bars until it reaches twice the original speed. He also dances and smiles for you].

I wanted to combine these two ideas and create my own Speed Booster using some beats that I love to skratch with. So I did, and it really helped with getting some skratch techniques in double and triple time. So, I wanted to share it with rest of the world. If it works for me then it might help others as well! 

The Hip Hop scene is not big at all in the place where I live (Tbilisi, which is the capital of Georgia), so the few true folks who keep it real always support each other. Dupree Lehnsherr (AKA Head) helped me make the video for YouTube, and my buddy CH-IL (local graffiti artist) supplied me with cool pictures for the slideshow so I could represent the mix and myself better...

I plan to make more Speed Boosters like this, because it's something new and exiting for me. I included some breakbeats that I used to play at B-Boy competitions like the Red Bull BC One and other local battles for my B-Boy friends.

Basically this mix means a lot for me - especially the visual part where I added a few Star Wars pics and a few graffiti pieces from my own town (watch around 10:55 - 11:18), but the most exiting part of this story for me is that I am honored to have it posted on the Qbert Skratch University blog.

p.s. Much love to my man Adam Butler (aka ADA) who inspires me to do things like this and share it all over the internet!

List of the Beats:

  1. Dead Prez - Hip Hop
  2. Kenny Dope - Freestyle Thing
  3. DJ Vadim - Terrorist
  4. Kool G Rap - Ill Street Blues
  5. Trackmasters - Man of Steel
  6. Show Biz & AG - Next Level (DJ Premier Remix)
  7. Gang Starr - Full Clip
  8. DJ Piggo - not sure the name, track 2 from a CD I have
  9. NWA - Straight Outta Compton
  10. Foxy Brown - Big Bad Mamma
  11. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Men In Black
  12. Break Beat - Showdown
  13. DJ Junk - the bonus beat
  14. DJ Tee - Alpha Team Break mix
  15. Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock Instrumental 12" mix
  16. Lady Waks - Breakbeat

qbert dj grotask

Qbert with DJ Grostask. Red Bull Thre3style Finals in Baku, Azerbaijan 2013

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