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Songs That Will Make You Reminisce on Your Youth

… and how to play them.


Everyone has something that can take them back in time at a moment’s notice. For some it's a smell, the sight of a classic car, or an out-dated phrase. For many musicians, our deepest connections with the past stem from the music we grew up with, and the songs that first sparked our interest in playing an instrument.

These songs that were instrumental ins helping us grow, and for determining the path our playing would take. 


When we play a time-tested tune, we’re taken back to our earliest memories. In the spirit of reminiscing (and paying homage to the songs that sparked our musical journeys), we decided to compile some of the songs that may have inspired your own love for music.  

Compiled by graduation year: 


“It’s Now or Never” - Elvis Presley 


This classic song is perfect for guitar beginners. When you’re ready to deepen your skills, explore our guitar schools.  


“Let it be” - The Beatles 


The calming melody of this popular tune demands to be played on the harmonica. Looking to take your harmonica playing to the next level? Explore our course with Howard Levy.


“Another One Bites the Dust” - Queen


This is another jam that’s perfectly suited for the guitar. Electric guitar, to be exact. In our courses, you work directly with an expert instructor. Paul Gilbert and Guthrie Trapp are perfect mentors for elevating your guitar chops. 


“Ice Ice Baby” - Vanilla Ice


Ice Ice Baby is a fun hit that pushes listeners to get up, dance, and sing along. 

That’s exactly why we thought out of the box! For this tune, we recommend giving it a go on piano. Our piano courses with Hugh Sung and Christie Perry will help you master whichever song you pursue. Learn more about ArtistWorks’ piano courses here.


“Bye Bye Bye” NSYNC


“Bye Bye Bye” is an iconic 2000 tune that seemingly anyone can recognize within three seconds. Our favorite way to play this song? Sing it! Hop into one of our vocal courses so you can hit all the (many) high notes.


“Just the Way You Are” - Bruno Mars


Grab your crew and harmonize! This romantic tune demands an acoustic guitar and some killer vocals. Be prepared to fully test your vocal range in this fun, jazzy song.

Hop onto our acoustic guitar school with Bryan Sutton to strut your stuff. Bryan can give you specific, tailored feedback to ensure you’re playing smoothly. 


What do you think should have been included on this list? Join the conversation on social to share your thoughts. 




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