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Turntablism Education Show + New Scratch Tutorials

scratch tutorial - drumming

QSU Guest Professor Alex Sonnenfeld has started a weekly show on his YouTube Channel called "Turntablism Education".  The show will cover scratching, drumming, music theory, beat production, and routines.
Here's what Alex says: I will tackle famous scratch techniques and explain methods to create something new with it. The different topics of my show provides every type of playing skill level.

My aim is to give an insights on my exclusive tutorial series "Real instrument Skratching" at QSU and to inspire people to join the Qbert Skratch University community.  Furthermore I would like to present my thesis "Bewegungslehre" and explain my S-Notation system step by step for beginners.  This education program includes lots of practice with clapping, counting, and simple explanations of how to incorporate music theory with the turntable instrument.

The first show is already up and you can check out the trailer after the break.  Also, be sure to read on to hear about Alex's new scratch tutorials for QSU! 

Several Players 4
This tutorial is about playing guitar with your turntable and mixer.  I have provided for you some nice samples to treat the turntable like Jimmy Hendrix ;)
Scratch Technics 4 
In this tuto I have invited the russian Beat4Battle scratch champion Chinmachine. He shows some of his scratch techniques and I'm gonna explain the practical conversion. Watch out for some funny patterns such as  "Boomchin", "Pietschko" and the "D-Chin scratch".
Drumming 4

This lesson tackles a really nice drumming pattern by ISP & Beat Junkie legend D-Styles. Beside the explanation of the original sequence  I have also derived different variations of this beat cutting pattern. 

Music Theory 1
For the first tutorial related to my series "Music Theory" I have invited a professional percussionist who trains you on how to correctly count and clap beats in time.  This beginner course helps to get some basic knowledge of music theory.  In the upcoming tutorials of this series I will explain my S-Notation system step by step.
Drumming 5

In this lesson we will try to Break New ground by playing a drum pattern in a Time signature of 3/4 by using a Bass Drum/Snare combo. 

Scratch Technic 5

Scratching is mostly pure improvisation and freestyle. However, now we will try to build up kind of a structure or routine to enhance our performance with a certain trademark or refrain.



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