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Ukulele Live Event Series

Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel Live Event SeriesAloha friends! Are you a ukulele player looking to take your musicianship to the next level? Maybe you’re a beginner and need some guidance to get you going, or maybe you’re an experienced musician looking for helpful tips on how to improve your playing. Regardless of your skill level or where you might be in your ukulele journey, we have something that might be the answer to all of your questions.

Starting on February 23, 2019 at 11AM (PST), our master ukulele musicians Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel will be hosting a series of YouTube Live events dedicated to answering all of your burning ukulele questions! From chords on the ukulele to ukulele songs for beginners and advanced players, Craig and Sarah will try to answer all of the issues that might be holding you back.


How it works is rather simple. Craig and Sarah have reached out to their Artistworks students and asked them to submit their ukulele questions in the shared community forum. From there, they chose various topics to touch on during their live event. The event will be held via their YouTube Channel so that these questions can be accessible to the public and to include non ArtistWorks students. As always, Craig and Sarah want to help all playeres of all skill levels and to share this fun, interactive learning opportunity with the world. Feel free to ask questions via Youtube Chat, but you must be signed in to your account to do so.


Part of being a seasoned player, and an ArtistWorks master teacher, is sharing years of performing, recording, and teaching with those who want to learn more. Craig and Sarah have always embodied a sense of community within their playing as they constantly aim to find ways to share the magic that comes with playing with those wishing to learn more. This idea parallels the ArtistWorks missions statement in that we wish to Teach the World Music. We are honored to have them on our team and are excited to share this wonderful series of instructional events!


The pair are planning to continue hosting similar events once a month. The goal will be to create a series of live events to address the common needs of their students and to help all ukulele enthusiasts get better at their craft. Stay tuned for the next live event which is set for March 16 at 11AM (PST).


Again, if you’re interested in advancing your ukulele skills, join us on February 23, 2019 at 11AM (PST) on Craig and Sarah’s YouTube Channel and see if they can’t help you improve your playing! Can’t make it to the live event? Not a problem! All Live Streams that Craig and Sarah complete will be archived and can be viewed at a later time via their YouTube Channel. They will also post the link following the event in their ArtistWorks Ukulele School and on their Facebook pages.


Do you want to get in on the fun and post your ukulele questions to the community forum? Join Craig and Sarah’s school today to get the ultimate guidance package that comes with being an ArtistWorks member. Or try some Free Sample Music Lessons and see if we are the right fit for your ukulele needs!



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