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Why I Love Playing Violin


I fell in love with the violin in fourth grade.

Through the years, my love has never wavered. Every musician has very personal reasons for preferring the instrument they selected.

Here are the reasons I love the violin:


The Sound.


Something about the sound of the violin makes my heart soar. The violin generally carries the melody, so it is like another voice that is never marred by allergies or laryngitis. When well-played, the sound of the bow on the strings is a perfect medium for emotional expression.


The Feeling.


I love everything about how the violin makes me feel. I love the required upright posture whether one is sitting or standing- no hunching allowed! The feeling of the strings on my left hand fingers is almost like being in touch with the life pulse of the instrument. The movement of my right arm dragging and pushing the bow back and forth feels like the ebb and flow of life itself. Then there is the vibration that simultaneously travels through the instrument to both your chin and your fingers- seemingly through your very heart.


The Voices.


As is the case with many instruments, the violin is capable of several kinds of voice depending on how it is manipulated by the musician. From the double-stops and shuffles of the fiddle, to the clean clear notes of most show tunes, to the airy, almost magical harmonics. And let us not forget the trills, the various styles of vibrato, and the glissando or staccato. Each technique creates its own unique voice within a musical piece.


The Versatility.


The violin has been a beloved instrument in a multitude of cultures and for a wide range of genres. Do you like classical? From Vivaldi to Mozart to Dvorak, there are many options. Show tunes? Can’t play a single one without the violin! Who can imagine bluegrass without a solid fiddle player? Or think of a mournful gypsy strain without the cry of the violin? Even rock has begun adding electric violins to the mix. No matter the type of music you enjoy, you can add your violin to it.


The Portability.


Though transporting any musical instrument involves concern for temperature fluctuations and incidental jarring, the compact size of the violin makes the effort to protect it a much more manageable exercise.

The violin has provided me with years of joyful playing in many different circumstances. Perhaps you will find it the right fit for your musical endeavors. If so, has both a online Classical Violin School and a School of Fiddle to choose from. Happy playing!



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