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5 DIY Soundproofing Tips for Your Practice Space

With many of us still staying home and social distancing for the time being, one silver lining is that we have more free time to practice our music. Whether you’re taking our online music lessons or simply practicing on your own, it may be tempting to crank your volume up to eleven and get loud! However, we should probably remember to respect those around us...

Here is a guide to inexpensive and effective ways to soundproof your practice space! 

Pad the Walls 

If you are having trouble with sound reflecting, one solution is to add padding to the walls. Depending on the room, this can be done in a subtle way or can be more obvious but effective.


For those looking for a stylish solution, hang curtains around the perimeter of the room, or at least the wall with a glass window on it. Just tacking a blanket to the window frame helps baffle the sound, especially if you play facing the window covering. This will reduce the number of hard surfaces that sound can reflect off of. If you aren’t concerned about the appearance, hanging mattress foam on the walls will pad them, reducing the noise even further. There are fewer visible marks if you suspend the pad from the ceiling, but against the wall. Remember to play facing away from the door of the room you're practicing in! 


Reduce your instrument’s noise 

Most instruments have a way to reduce or mute their noise, whether internally or through an accessory.  Taking online drum lessons with Peter Erskine? Use some practice pads. Learning how to play trumpet? Invest in a mute. Just started free online guitar lessons here at ArtistWorks? Or maybe you’re returning to classical violin lessons. Unplug your axe and play un-amplified for a bit, or just plug in your trusty pair of headphones. Try playing directly into a couch cushion to maximize the noise dampening effects!


Try out some free music lessons now with any of our master musicians and learn from the best! 


DIY Acoustic Panels 

Acoustic paneling is made of sound-absorbing materials, but it can get pricey. For a cheaper solution, try making your own acoustic paneling. Create a wooden frame and stretch a towel across it. Staple the towel to the wooden frame so it’s secure. For more absorption, pad the inside of the frame with old t-shirts or additional towels.


For more detailed instructions, check out this sound absorption panel DIY tutorial.


Add Rugs

If your floor isn’t carpeted, your home  will probably have much more of an echo. The noise reflects off of any hard, flat surface and it projects and reverberates around the room. To avoid this, add rugs with a thick rug pad underneath or double up two rugs. The dense fabric will help absorb the sound waves rather than reflecting them.


Consider the vibrations

Sound is created when something vibrates. The bigger the vibrations, the louder the sound. For instance, a vibrating washing machine could be very loud. Speakers also release volume and sound by vibrating. If the vibrating item is touching the floor or the wall, these frequencies may travel to the neighboring room.


To mitigate sound travel, try putting a piece of foam under or behind the item that’s causing the noise. This should reduce vibrations and make your home more quiet.  .


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