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Cello Lesson: Bluegrass Bowing Techniques


In the classical music tradition, how a player approaches their technique on stringed instruments such as the violin, viola, and cello is very rigid and specific. A player’s bowing technique, in particular, is tremendously calculated and must follow a distinct set of guidelines. When placed in the context of other genres, however, string players have the freedom to explore other bowing techniques that are often more experimental and less ubiquitous among musicians.


In this online cello lesson, Grammy Award-winning cellist and ArtistWorks instructor, Mike Block teaches a few unconventional cello bowing techniques specifically designed to assist in performing rhythmic passages commonly heard in bluegrass. He also provides a few cello bowing exercises to help you refine these techniques and easily incorporate them into your playing.


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Unlike classical music, bluegrass music heavily emphasizes the backbeat, which gives bluegrass its very distinct feel and musical energy. The backbeat consists of beats two and four within a measure of music, as opposed to the downbeat, which refers to beats one and three. As bluegrass does not commonly emphasize the downbeat, the common bowing techniques utilized by classical cellists need to be altered to accommodate the unique qualities of bluegrass rhythm.


“One fundamental bowing pattern that’s commonly used in both classical and bluegrass genres is called the shuffle pattern,” Mike explains. “However, the way we approach this shuffle pattern and where we place emphasis when we’re bowing is completely different depending on the style of music we’re playing. This all has to do with whether or not we’re emphasizing the downbeat or the backbeat.”


If you’re a classically trained cellist, learning to place emphasis on the backbeat when playing a shuffle pattern rather than the downbeat may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But, have no fear, this will quickly become second nature to you. Remember to have patience and be kind to yourself as you work out the intricacies of the altered rhythmic pattern.


“The key to playing bluegrass groove is filling in the subdivisions and having fun with the accents,” Mike explains. “But, these fundamental grooves, the shuffle and the push are going to underpin everything.”


To learn more about bluegrass bowing rhythms and how to implement them into your cello playing, dive into this online cello lesson from Mike Block:


Bluegrass Bowing Techniques with Mike Block:




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Mike’s course starts with the basics and teaches everything from beginner cello to advanced performance techniques, classic popular songs in a variety of genres and styles, improvisation, music theory, and beyond. So, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, all levels are welcome and all students will grow and improve their skills as cellists and musicians.


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