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Music & Meals for Maui Produced by Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel


On Saturday, September 16, 2023, ArtistWorks instructors and internationally renowned ukulele masters, Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel, hosted a livestream musical event called Music & Meals for Maui. The event was a fundraiser to help support those impacted by the devastating fires in Lahaina and the surrounding area, and all of the proceeds were donated to the Maui Food Bank.


Overall, the concert generated more than double the funds that it set out to, bringing in more than $40,000 in donations to help support the Food Bank. Featuring performances from more than 75 musicians, including some of the biggest names in the ukulele scene, Music & Meals for Maui has generated more than 12,000 streams to date, and, in addition to financial aid, helped bring attention to the fires on Maui and provided positive emotional support for many who were impacted.


“There are so many heart-felt songs and stories shared by people from around the world [in the livestream],” Craig and Sarah express. “It is inspiring seeing everyone come together in solidarity for such an amazing cause.”


In tandem with the livestream event, a silent auction was hosted and ukuleles crafted by some of the instruments’ most prolific luthiers were auctioned off to support the Food Bank. The auction alone brought in over $65,000.


Sarah and Craig also recently founded their own non-profit organization dedicated to bringing music education and ukulele to a broader spectrum called Four Strings at a Time. They have made it their life’s mission to create more opportunities for people of all ages to express themselves through music. Through Four Strings at a Time, Sarah and Craig were able to generate another $6,000 for the Maui Food Bank.


In total, their efforts, and the efforts of all the other musicians and volunteers who were involved in Music & Meals for Maui, brought in over $110,000 for the Maui Food Bank to assist those impacted by the fires.


“We have no words for the immense Aloha we feel from our community,” express Craig and Sarah. “It’s truly amazing, especially in a day in age when things can feel so hopeless. It takes a village and we are grateful to have you be a part of it.”


Craig and Sarah, thank you both for all that you do. And, thank you to everyone who tuned in for Music & Meals for Maui, helped donate, and supported this beautiful cause.


Watch the Full “Music & Meals for Maui” Livestream Recap Here:




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Ukulele Lesson: An Introduction to Chord Melody with Sarah Maisel




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