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Celebrating 12 Years of Darol Anger's ArtistWorks Fiddle Course


We’re beyond excited to announce that 2023 marks the 12-year anniversary of Darol Anger’s online fiddle course here at ArtistWorks.


A founding member of the David Grisman Quintet and true master of the bluegrass genre, Darol has committed over a decade to teaching students around the globe his musical skills, and has played an integral role in helping us achieve, and continue to live up to, our mission to “Teach the World Music.”


Congratulations on achieving this amazing 12-year milestone, Darol! What an amazing accomplishment, and a true testament to your continued dedication to your students and commitment to sharing your knowledge. Thank you for all that you do!


Over the last 12 years, Darol has amassed hundreds of videos as part of his course’s online lesson library, which is constantly growing and evolving. Darol has also provided direct, personal guidance and feedback to thousands of his students over the years, and has built a collection of over 4,200 Video Exchanges that all of his students can access and learn from as members of his course.


LEARN MORE: Want to learn how to play the fiddle from a master musician like Darol Anger? Try some free online fiddle lessons now!


“Take the plunge!” Darol exclaims. “One day, you can be working on real playing issues and master clearly explained technical challenges on the site, and the next day you can be inspired and entertained by fiddle geek-outs and extraordinary, intimate performances by great fiddlers. It’s all at your fingertips through my course!”


In addition to all his detailed lessons and Video Exchanges, Darol also proactively and routinely publishes interviews and exclusive performance videos featuring professional guest fiddlers on his course site. Over the years, Darol’s guests have included world-renowned fiddlers like Bruce Molsky, Casey Driessen, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Mike Barnett, Kimber Ludiker, Alex Hargreaves, and his long-time student and now fellow ArtistWorks teacher, Brittany Haas.


Last year, Darol invited fiddle genius, Alex Hargreaves into his ArtistWorks fiddle studios for an interview and mini-concert. Darol and Alex played songs by their old boss, David “The Dawg” Grisman, a Bill Monroe standard, and quite a bit of jazz. Alex, who now is a full-time member of the Billy Strings band, has also been a guest professor on Darol’s fiddle course more than once, and he’ll be back. Meanwhile, his vast range and incredible playing are on display via Darol’s course, where he demonstrates a number of great musical ideas and patterns to try on the fiddle. Below is an exclusive performance from their 2022 interview:



If you’re a current student of Darol’s, keep checking in because Darol is constantly updating his course with brand-new exclusive interviews, performance videos, and lessons. If you’re not yet one of Darol’s students, there’s never been a better time to join and start exploring the site’s amazing content!


Click HERE to learn more about Darol’s online fiddle lessons.



Have you always wanted to learn how to play the fiddle? Through our comprehensive fiddle lessons online and Video Exchange Learning platform here at ArtistWorks, you can learn from internationally renowned players, like Darol Anger, and get personal feedback on your playing.


Darol’s course starts with the basics and teaches everything from beginner fiddle to advanced performance techniques, classic bluegrass tunes, Blues and Jazz improvisation, music theory, and beyond. So, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, all levels are welcome and all students will grow and improve their skills as fiddlers and musicians.


Sample some free music lessons here and see what makes ArtistWorks courses some of the best online music lessons around!



Fiddle Lesson: Learning the Blues Scale with Darol Anger

Darol Anger & Mr. Sun Release Vinyl Pressing of Extrovert

Fiddle Lesson: Bowing Patterns for Melodies with Brittany Haas




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