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Blues Rock Guitar Lesson: Phrasing


When first learning to play the guitar, oftentimes our primary focus is on hitting the “correct notes,” whether they be in the context of a song or riff, or within an improvisation or solo. However, crafting a truly musical and emotive performance requires much more than simply playing the “right notes.”


In order to provide a moving musical experience for the listeners, a performance requires dynamic variation and thoughtful, intentional phrasing. These two additional elements, when combined with performing the “correct notes,” can transform the simplest of melodies from something sterile to a profoundly stirring musical encounter.


In this online guitar lesson, world-renowned guitarist, “Blues Power” titan, and ArtistWorks blues rock guitar instructor, Jared James Nichols, provides his thoughtful and unique perspective on the art of phrasing and details the manner in which he applies the concept of phrasing in his musical improvisations and songwriting on the guitar.


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“Whether it's in the context of music or language, phrasing is so important,” Jared explains. “Oftentimes, an idea will either connect with others or it won’t solely based on how it is phrased.”


As you begin focusing on and practicing your musical phrasing, one of the best things to keep in mind is your linguistic phrasing. Practice crafting musical phrases that follow a similar cadence or pattern to that of your speech. This is not only a great technique for creating emotive musical phrases, but it's also a method that will naturally facilitate the development of your own unique musical voice on the guitar.


“One thing that is consistent about all of my favorite guitar players and musicians that I enjoy listening to is that they all have a sense of phrasing that is completely unique to them,” explains Jared. “When I hear them play, so much of their personality shines through. It almost feels like they're talking to me through their instrument.”


To learn more about phrasing and how to develop your own musical voice, dive into this online guitar lesson from Jared James Nichols:


Phrasing with Jared James Nichols:




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Jared’s course starts with the basics and teaches everything from beginner guitar to advanced performance techniques, improvisation, music theory, and “Blues Power” shred. So, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, all levels are welcome and all students will grow and improve their skills as guitarists and musicians.


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