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A Message From Our Co-Founder, Patricia Butler


While 2021 was in many ways similar to 2020, we're thankful to have had a great year with much exciting forward progress. More importantly, we’re thankful we could provide a musical oasis for our students and be an outlet for their exploration and creativity!


Join our co-founder Patricia Butler as she recounts the news and successes of 2021 and looks forward to ArtistWorks' plans for 2022. You can watch the video message below.


“While 2021 was sort of the same as 2020 on many levels, many things changed for the better at ArtistWorks,” Patricia shares. “The new year brought five new artists to our roster, and we also moved our offices and studios to a new location after having been in the same building and studio for 13 years.”


Among the new artists welcomed to the ArtistWorks family in 2021 were bluegrass icon Sierra Hull teaching bluegrass mandolin, “Blues Power” titan Jared James Nichols teaching blues rock guitar, and Punch Brothers co-founder Chris Eldridge teaching bluegrass guitar. In addition, we expanded our adult-beginner series to include a “Beginner’s Guide to Piano” course taught by Cal State University Los Angeles lecturer, Zachary Deak, and a “Beginner’s Guide to Rock Guitar” course taught by Associate Professor of Guitar Performance at Berklee College of Music, Kevin Barry.


“We’ve also had another very important and big change this year,” says Patricia. “In late June, ArtistWorks became part of a family of brands that are all leaders and pioneers in online music education. So, ArtistWorks now stands alongside TrueFire, JamPlay, and FaderPro. What that means for you is many more collaborations between these great companies and exciting opportunities for all of our students.”


Watch the full message below to learn more about what we have in store for 2022 and beyond:


A Message From Our Co-Founder, Patricia Butler:



After you’ve watched the video, take advantage of this special offer from Patricia. Use code FOUNDER50 and save $50 on any 6-month plan here at ArtistWorks.



ArtistWorks online music lessons are recorded and taught by 42 world-renowned master musicians who not only have rich musical legacies but have a deep passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge.


Through our comprehensive assortment of courses, students can learn anything from acoustic and electric guitar to piano, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, saxophone, ukulele, how to sing—just about any instrument you can think of. And, our esteemed faculty can teach you how to play everything from bluegrass to jazz to rock to blues to classical and beyond.


Through the ArtistWorks platform, students have the unique opportunity to both learn at their own pace and also interact with and receive feedback from our faculty of master teachers in the form of Video Exchanges. ArtistWorks' patented Video Exchange Learning® platform allows students to submit questions to our master faculty in the form of a video, and our instructors then create personal video responses full of guidance, encouragement, and critical next steps to facilitate improvement.



What’s New at ArtistWorks: Courses from Sierra Hull, Jared James Nichols, & Chris Eldridge

Two New “Beginner’s Guide” Courses Now Open for Piano & Rock Guitar

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Each subscription is for a single school. Pricing and features can vary slightly per school.

1 Month membership
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Unlimited Access to Lessons
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Exclusive Content
$35/month (prepaid)
3 Month membership
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Unlimited Video Exchanges
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12 Month membership
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