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Celebrating One Year of “Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar”


We’re excited to announce that today officially marks one year since we launched one of our newest online music courses, “Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar,” taught by David Butler, a lifelong acoustic guitarist, educator, and the Chairman and Co-founder of ArtistWorks.


David’s comprehensive online lessons teach adult-beginner-musicians how to play acoustic guitar, and are specifically designed for those who are possibly picking up an instrument for the very first time. His carefully crafted, step-by-step online acoustic guitar lessons guide students through the essential fundamental techniques, introductory music theory, and best practicing habits by teaching them to play classic songs from the 60s and 70s that they know and love.


“It gives me great pleasure to see students go from tentative, nervous beginners to competent players,” David explained. “I find playing acoustic guitar to be a satisfying way to express myself musically, so I made it my mission to help others learn to play. When a student enrolls, I am committed to helping them achieve their goal to learn acoustic guitar, and will do everything I can for them.”


Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar” features hundreds of hands-on instructional videos, play-along tracks, progress video checkpoints, listening lists, an active online community of adult beginner players, and a vast catalog of Video Exchanges.


We also recently debuted a new, all-inclusive plan to our "Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar" course that now includes Video Exchange. Previously, students had the option of purchasing a Video Exchange for $40, in addition to their $19.99 monthly membership. Now for $35.00 per month—a $59.99 monthly value—students are able to access all the course materials, engage with the online community, and participate in a monthly Video Exchange with the creator of the platform.


“The Video Exchange approach is great because when I receive a video from a student, I can put my full attention on them,” David explains. “Then, in my response video, I can help them to correct any problems or bad habits that I see, and guide them on exactly what to do next and what to focus on. The Video Exchange approach ensures maximum progress for all students, and it’s great fun getting to know everyone in the community.”


In the last year since launching “Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar,” we’ve had thousands of students enroll in the course, begin their journey learning how to play acoustic guitar, and enjoy the pleasures of performing music.


Additionally, this June, we’ll begin launching David’s new play-along guided practice sessions specifically designed for adult beginner guitar players. So, keep an eye out for those, and don’t miss them!


For more information on “Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar” with David Butler, check out the video below:




Interested in learning more about our patented Video Exchange Learning® platform? Check out the video below!




Have you always wanted to learn acoustic guitar? Through our acoustic guitar lessons for beginners and Video Exchange Learning platform here at ArtistWorks, you can learn from lifelong guitarist and ArtistWorks co-founder David Butler, and get personalized feedback on your playing every step of the way.


Try out some free music lessons here and see what makes ArtistWorks courses some of the best online music lessons around!



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